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Unofficial Copy, Translated verson upto 9th amandment of Muluki Ain Kathmandu School of Law

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Regarding wife and husband

No. a spouse and a spouse cannot divorce proceedings except as stated in article 10 of number 2 and # 4, 5, 7 and 8 of this wedding Chapter and beneath the after conditions. Even though such conditions arise and divorce becomes necessary, it will take destination just after a software is submitted ahead of the office saying the causes for the same and a choice is created by the workplace .

If your spouse remains individually from her spouse for three years or maybe more constantly without her spouse’s permission o r if she actually is found become engaged in functions that will just take her spouse’s life, can cripple him or may cause him some other tremendous real discomfort or if she actually is discovered become involved in tricks against her husband, the spouse need the proper to obtain a divorce proceedings from such spouse. .

In case a spouse brings another spouse or keeps or drives the spouse away from house or will not offer her with meals and clothes or stays separately from their spouse for 36 months or higher continuously without looking after their spouse or if she is found to be engaged in tricks against her husband, the wife will have the right to get a divorce from such a husband if he is found to be engaged in acts that can take his wife’s life, can cripple her or can cause her any other tremendous physical pain or. Read More